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Arrowroot Plant

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Maranta arundinacea, also known as arrowroot, maranta, West Indian arrowroot, obedience plant, Bermuda arrowroot, araru, araruta, ararao or hulankeeriya, is a large, perennial herb found in rainforest habitats.

Baby sun rose

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This plant hugs the ground and blooms most of the year. The leaves are small and thick, and the pretty little flowers look like miniature asters. The most common variety has bright red blossoms, but it's also available with golden yellow blooms. The blossoms aren't elaborately showy since they're so small...but they have the added benefit of attracting hummingbirds. But these plants shine as groundcovers for smaller areas and as rock garden plants, rather than using them to fill vast expanses of garden bed.

This plant won't get away from you like some groundcover plants. It grows at a leisurely pace and makes a beautiful container plant.

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