Plantskenya Marketplace Seller Policy.

Eupotech Limited operates e-commerce platform consisting of a Plants Marketplace.

Our vendor policy shall apply to all sellers on the Plantskenya marketplace and is part of our general terms and conditions of the use of our marketplace.

If you register with our marketplace as a vendor:

You accept this Seller policy, and our general terms and conditions as may be amended by Eupotech Limited from time to time.

You may not register with our marketplace as a seller, if you are an employee of Eupotech Limited or a family member of an employee of Eupotech Limited, unless Eupotech  has approved the registration pursuant to its conflict of interest procedures.

If you register with our marketplace as a seller you will be able to create a store on our marketplace, using the “Seller Centre” area.
Seller stores that are submitted are subject for approval by Eupotech before they are operational.

As a Seller in our marketplace, you shall be solely responsible for your store and products, and you hereby agree that:
You shall obtain any relevant licenses required for sale of your products on themarketplace.
You shall register with relevant tax authorities and pay all required taxes in relation to your product sales to the extent required by applicable law.
Will conduct your business operations with skill and care, and by co-operating with and acting in good faith towards Plantskenya and the buyers.

We reserve the right to reject, unpublish and/or delete any seller store that breaches this seller policy, the general terms or any Plantskenya guidelines.

Products and Pricing

As a seller you will be responsible for your listings on Plantskenya Marketplace. You shall upload a completed product page including your prices, product description, images and any other specifications in regard to each product.
The only products that we will approve for are those which fall within the product categories specified on Plantskenya Marketplace.
Any products that breach the law will be deleted and the seller account banned from our Marketplace.
You are required to state your prices inclusive of VAT and any other relevant tax as required by authorities.
You are solely responsible for setting the pricing of your products which can always be amended through the seller centre.

Packaging and delivery

Once the buyer has successfully purchased a product, the seller receives the order for processing which includes packaging the order and arranging for pickup by our delivery agent. Delivery costs shall be included in the invoice.

All purchases have an automatic cool-off period of ten (7) days, counted from the date where the product was received by the buyer, as confirmed by the buyer.
After such period, all purchases shall be automatically accepted and will remain final.
After the cooling-off period, money from the purchase and delivery will be transferred to the seller’s account.


You shall list your products on our platform for free, but we will charge you a commission of 10% for each transaction made through Plantskenya Marketplace.  We reserve the rights to charge commissions from time to time. Commissions shall be calculated as percentage of the selling price plus delivery costs inclusive of VAT and any other taxes charged by the buyer.

Breach of Seller Policy

If we determine that you have breached our seller policy and general terms, we will:
Send you a warning, if the problem persists then we shall suspend and prohibit you access to our marketplace.
Take legal action against you for breach of contract.
The consequences of breach will apply if you fail to provide a minimum level of operational performance to satisfy buyers on our marketplace or constantly receive bad ratings and reviews.


This seller policy is subject to our general terms and conditions and shall be governed and constructed in accordance with laws of Kenya.

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