Beginner Plants Guide: Top 5 Easy Indoor Plants to Maintain.

Beginner Plants Guide: Top 5 Easy Indoor Plants to Maintain.

Are you new to plant parenthood? Starting this journey can be overwhelming and intimidating but it is worthwhile especially because plants have proven to be beneficial over time by easing tension, lowering stress levels, improving concentration, creativity, and attention.

You do not need to have a lot of space, time, or light for you to start off. Luckily, there are several house plants that prefer low maintenance to keep them alive. In fact, plants that require little work do not need daily care or a complex place to survive.


If you are looking for low maintenance plants, or you live in an apartment with little natural light, or simply want to add that greenery to your home and do not know where to start, with the help of gardening experts, we compiled a list of plants that will start you off and allow you to enjoy your plant journey.

Snake plant

Also known as Mother-in-law’s tongue. It’s a resilient hardy plant that flourishes in relatively dry environments. Too much water and direct sunlight weakens it, so the best place to put it is in a well-drained pot to avoid over watering which often causes rotting.

Spider plant

This plant grows perfectly in well-drained soil and bright indirect light. It prefers to dry out between watering: water every once or twice per week to prevent root rotting. They greatly benefit from occasional pruning and enjoy cooler temperatures. Repotting is necessary when their large roots are visible and when watering becomes difficult.   


These plants enjoy a wide variety of environments. They survive in bright indirect light and can also tolerate low light, can be grown in water pots or in dry soil. Nutrient rich soil is their go to solution but can also do perfectly well in low nutrient soil.

Air plants

As their name suggests, these plants grow completely in air, no soil is required. This means that in nature, they grow on other plants branches. Most of them are drought tolerant especially those with silver foliage. Water your air plants about once a week but keep on checking if they need constant watering. Indirect sunlight and warm temperatures accelerate their growth and survival.


These variety of plants love light and may occasionally need to be placed in direct sunlight and rotated more often. Make sure the soil is completely dry between watering to avoid killing the succulent. When watering, soak the soil in water until the water runs through the drainage holes or use less water if your pot doesn’t have drainage holes.


This are among other plants that require very low maintenance and can be a good for beginners. Other include: ZZ plants, Jade plant, Lily plant, cactus, and English Ivy.


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