How To Decorate A Wall With Plants Without Drilling Holes

How To Decorate A Wall With Plants Without Drilling Holes

Did you know you can give life to your landing, stairway, or hallway with plants without drilling holes into the wall or ceiling? No one wants to keep punching holes into their walls every now and then, you can use these easy and perfect DIY options to hang your plants.

A magnetic hook

A high strength magnetic hook can hold up to a maximum weight of 45kilograms.

A tension/spring curtain rod

This are among the most unique and beautiful macramé hangers.  There is no limitation on to how many kilograms the rods can hold because they depend on the pressure exerted to hold themselves in place.

C- clamps also known as carpenters’ clamps

They are mostly used to decorate walls over the door trims, at the very end of kitchen cupboards or bookcases. Avoid tightening the clamps too much because

Adhesive hooks

There are varieties of adjustable command hooks which are mostly sold in a stationery store. Before placing the hooks on the wall, make sure to peel the backing and locate the back of the hook directly on the ceiling. Place your plant on the hook when done. These types of hooks can hold 3-4 kilograms.

Suction pots

A suction cup hanger prefers light weight plants of about 3kg. There are certain pots that have built in suction cups. You can simply transfer any light plant into these pots and then go ahead and hang them near a window.

A trellis and command hooks

This is basically a metal bar that is used to display plants while command hooks are a strong support system to the trellis. You can opt to lean the trellis against a wall if you do not have the command hooks.

Over the door hooks

 Another great way is placing hooks on your door preferably the door you do not use often and then place plants from them. People often assume these hooks and use them for towels, but they can also act as plant hangers.  

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