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Heart decorated Container...

Heart decorated Container with Graptopetalum...

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This unique recycled container with 4 small Graptopetalum Macdougallii, rounded off with small red stones, makes for a darling piece in ones collection of succulents or a fantastic gift to a special friend or loved one.

Succulents in Uniquely...

Succulents in Uniquely Decorated Container

Price KSh 1,076.48
Sold By: Yasha Art
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The Stapelia Variegata, Crassula Tetragona and Jelly Bean plants are happily growing together in this unique pot, decourated with matches that were painted brown and dry brushed with gold. The ribbon and center piece bring an interesting touch to this piece.

Succulent combo in...

Succulent combo in colourful pot

Price KSh 1,160.00
Sold By: Yasha Art
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Both the Huernia Macrocarpa and Echeveria are well-sought-after succulents and they look perticularly lovely in this uniquely decorated pot covered with yellow burlap and flower-patterned ribbon. The moss and rustic bark rounds it off perfectly.

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